Lindsey Cummins Owner, Farmer & Designer

I am Lindsey, owner, grower and florist of Dancing Flower Farm. I start each design as a tiny seed, corm, bulb or tuber, caring and tending them till they produce beautiful blooms to make fresh from the garden arrangements. I am passionate about designing with only seasonal flowers and foliage that I either grow or forage. I love making flower crowns! I even wear them while working in the garden sometimes. I think every occasion calls for unique elegant blooms. Bringing you lush flowers that last in your home is what I'm all about. Flowers have powerful energy, just bring some inside and see how they make you feel, they could just be some dandelions from the yard but I bet they'll make you smile.
I am inspired by soft yet vibrant colors giving a vintage feel since I have long loved the flower fairy drawings of Cicely Mary Barker, and the books of Tasha Tudor for the timeless beauty they evoke. My favorite flower is the Sweet Pea, though I am quite taken with every flower. Thanks for visiting my website and following along on this flowery journey.